We are an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Marketplace

– Since 1989 –

At North Street Market we aim to push sustainability through a network of locally grown, produced and made products. All artisan products are welcome from honey to home baked bread.

Sustainable agriculture. Home grown means no pesticides or non-organic fertilizers. This is how things stay sustainable.

Local and organic produce. All of our vendors are organic growers ensuring your food is healthy and chemical free for you and your entire family. And locally grown means a smaller carbon footprint!

The Environmental and Health Benefits of Organic Food

Local produce

Grown and sold locally means less carbon footprint or fossil fuel use!

No pesticides

All of our vendors grow organically with no chemicals or pesticides.

Respect of nature

Small farmers know every inch of their farms, and they tend it knowing it is what provides for them.

No waste

When everything is grown and consumed locally, there is a 48% reduction in food waste.

“This is a wonderful eco-friendly marketplace that sells and distributes delicious vegetables and fruits. A great place to go with the whole family.”

The Ecologist Journal

Social farming

Having many small farmers that sell their produce locally rather than huge corporate farms is better for everyone. Small farmers that grow organically help keep the environment safe from harmful chemicals and spill off, unlike corporate farms that use genetically modified seeds and fertilizers.