The Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Marketplace

– California certified –

At North Street Market we aim to push sustainability through a network of locally grown, produced and made products. All artisan products are welcome from honey to home baked bread.

Our commitments and actions for a better planet

Our vision

To close the gap on fresh food wastelands by providing a space for anyone to sell fresh produce and locally made products.

Our mission

To educate the population and provide access to sales for people raising, growing and producing Eco-friendly foods and products.

Our values

We have one world and it does start with us to maintain it, not governments or politicians.

The Three Pillars of our Philosophy


We can not only feed the entire world, but also create an impact that has never been seen before. And simply by allowing individuals the freedom, education and ability to grow and produce their own locally made products.

Natural resources

Our natural resources are limited, and no one is saving them. We need to step up by creating smaller footprints in the world. This site is a first step.

Locally Resourced

By growing, producing, selling and consuming products all on a local level, we are able to dramatically impact the world’s pollution.

More than a Marketplace

North Street Market is also where like minded individuals go to share ideas as well as beliefs on how we can save the world, one plant and transaction at a time.